8L Portable Mini Folding Washing Machine with UV Sterilization Pink

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Product dimensions 27.9D x 27.9W x 29.2H centimetres
Brand Generic
Capacity 8 Liters
Special features Portable, Lightweight
Access location Top Load
Cycle options Spin, Heavy Duty, Drain, Rinse
Material ABS
Type of controls Touch
Operation mode Half Automatic
Included components Draining Basket


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About this item

• Compact and Portable: The washing machine is small and lightweight, making it perfect for small spaces, dorms, and traveling trips.
• Folding Design: The machine can be folded for easy storage and transportation.
• UV Sterilization: Utilizes UV-C light technology to effectively kill bacteria and germs on your clothes, ensuring a hygienic wash.
• Spinning Feature: Equipped with a spin cycle to help remove excess water from your clothes, reducing drying time.
• Quick Washing: Offers fast and efficient washing cycles, saving time and energy.
• Low Water Consumption: The machine uses minimal water, making it eco-friendly
• Quiet Operation: Operates quietly, so it won’t disrupt your living space.
• Energy-Efficient: Consumes less electricity compared to traditional washing machines.
• Multiple Washing Modes: Provides various washing modes, including gentle, normal, and quick wash, for different types of clothing.
• LED Display: Shows the washing time and cycle progress.
• Auto Shut-Off: Automatically turns off when the wash cycle is completed.
• Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting use.
• Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain.
• Washing Timer: You can set the wash cycle duration to suit your needs.
• Suitable for Delicates: Ideal for washing delicate items such as lingerie, bras, and pantry items, ensuring they remain in good condition.

Suitable For

• College Students
• Busy Professionals
• Families with Babies
• Eco-Conscious Consumers
• Seniors and Assisted Living Facilities
• Vacation Travelers

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    Very useful

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